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photo: Iwan Baan
Gallerie Fons Welters, Amsterdam, 2010
Glass, concrete, bronze, plaster, rubber,cardboard, alluminium, wood, polyurethane

Exhibition: Volumes as spaces

At the edge of  well-made things (which we often reckon as utility objects) I simplified shapes as far as I could. With speed. I did it freely, to the point that I still had some -the smallest-  degree of control on their making proces. As a silk thread I stayed connected to them. The meaning that is left, it just the meaning of feeling. An  understanding that an object - a useless object- recalls when you look at it.

Meanwhile I found the edges of what I could do, in my own studio.. within is limitations in terms of tools and my patience, and as broad as the materials allowed me to go.

I worked in a period of 5 weeks, connecting to each material and object. Re-using molds, pooring, heating, and melting. 

This time was also the beginning of my appreciation of craftsman. 

photographs by Iwan Baan
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