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model of the dome
The ladder is made from aluminium (so very lightweight). It is possible to lift up the ladder and place is on the sides of the dome where you like to pick blackberries.
The dome in the fields

A Blackberry as the Oak tree of the site.

During all the changes in the area of Jachthaven 't Raboes, there has been a bramble that has survived everything. Just as in some gardens or villages the oak tree is the oldest tree (and the proverbial wisest of the living in that area), in this case, it is a bramble. In order to give this blackberry bush - which has been repeatedly mowed to the ground but which has nonetheless reappeared and been transplanted - a truly permanent place and to be able to savour its fruits to the full, I have constructed a bramble dome.

The trusses lead one to the place where you want to pick the fruits. The aluminium ladder is light and you can hang it on the desired side to scale the structure.

The dome protects the blackberry bush and helps people to pluck the fruit.


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